IT Hardware Express Products List 3760

Mississippi State Kyocera Contract - 3760

IT Hardware Express Price List (EPL) 3760 Expiration Date: June 30, 2021

Limits: The purchase limit is $200,000 per project per fiscal year (July - June) for the IT Hardware EPL without additional approval from ITS.  Regardless of the dollar limit, the customer MUST obtain quotations from two or more EPL Sellers.  Any entity using this EPL must abide by the current published IT Hardware EPL 3760 Instructions for Use document even if the entity is not under ITS purview.





Kyocera's ECOSYS printers incorporate "cartridge-free" technology using a durable print drum and high yield toner container that provides thousands of printed pages, a low total cost of ownership and minimal user intervention.



Globally recognized by the printer industry and highly rated by numerous testing organizations, Kyocera's complete portfolio of reliable, high-value, Eco-Friendly family of monochrome and color network laser printers, deliver high-resolution output with crisp text and graphics for any size workgroup.